The importance of beauty and the price of vanity

How much time do you spend a day getting ready? How often do you allow yourself just to be truly yourself, without putting on too much make up, wearing high heels for too long, feeling uncomfortable in that dress?

I’m a huge advocate of embracing our feminine side and love heels, dresses and beautifying myself. I also noticed I’m much more relaxed on the days I don’t do this as much (usually weekends) and don’t even think too much about how I look.

Time saved, energy spent on other more meaningful tasks – how about we try to be more natural more often?

Think how much more could be done if we only had 30 minutes a day more!

Take a look at the hilarious TED Talk The lady stripped bare by Tracey Spicer, an Australian TV presenter who dared to open up about her daily routine. As she removes her make up and clothes that make her feel uncomfortable, she shows us all how much more freedom we get when we embrace who we truly are. We need more role models like Tracey to shape what is expected of women in the workforce.


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