I’m a Professional Co-active Coach (Coaches Training Institute in the US) working with clients at different stages of their lives who want to lead a more fulfilling, resonant and balanced life – simply put, who want to thrive.

Some of them want to integrate simply being into their constant doing, others struggle to get things done and need more action.

Who am I as a coach?

Think of me as an ally who has your best interest at heart, but unlike your friend – has the courage to both cheer on you and tell you the truth. In coaching we are both equal (unlike in a relationship with a mentor or an advisor).

I cast light on the things that may be difficult for you to see and challenge your beliefs. Instead of relying on superficial ways of defining yourself and a successful life, I encourage you to pause, reflect, and evolve in the direction that is unique for you.

By letting go of shoulds and musts we can tune in to your heart to discover who you really are as a leader, a partner, a friend and a parent.

The foundation of co-active coaching, the style I use, is the belief that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole (CTI – The Coaches Training Institute is the oldest and most renowned coaching school in the world). It includes a deep understanding of the fact that even though clients always have an agenda in mind when coming to coaching, what I call ‘a problem to solve’ – the truth lies deeper than the surface would indicate.

Why coaching?

People come to coaching for a number of reasons. It could be a career change, a burnout, a difficult relationship or a feeling of inner lack. Instead of solving ‘the problem’ (looking outwards) we delve into values that are important to you but unmanifested in your life, hopes and dreams, as well as fears and challenges that have created the present moment (looking inwards). How can you move forward with more authenticity and awareness to save yourself time and energy?
My goal is not to change you in any way, but to work with you at discovering yourself and crafting a vision for the life you want to live. How can you create a transformation in how you live, love and lead?

Money Back Guarantee

I truly believe than I can evoke a transformation in your life – and am happy to give you your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the experience you have with me, and the changes in your life.

The power of coaching

I truly believe in the power of coaching as increasingly our lives and careers are not linear; we encounter many obstacles and unexpected changes along the way as we integrate the demands of ever-present technology, having children and aging parents into the equation. Who you were in your twienties no longer applies a decade or two later. It’s critical to know where to invest your time and your resources.
The beauty of coaching is seeing how much potential there is, often hiding behind the masks we all wear when we try to meet our families’ and society’s expectations. Coaching will help you become  more aware and mindful of the choices you make every day to create a life aligned with your values and your vision.
My clients are talented individuals (private and business) who need to redefine themselves due to:
  • changing careers or looking for progression & promotion (executive coaching) – how can you be authentic in your new role?
  • returning to work after a career break (sabbatical, maternity leave, taking care of aging parents) – how to regain self-confidence?
  • burnout – how to deal with the overwhelming feelings that it brings, and how to find a way out towards a happier place?
I’m happy to tell you how I work over a complimentary trial session.