I’ll help you create the business and life you dream of.

Early in my life I realized the importance of knowing how to prioritize your time and your energy: two of the most important resources we have at our disposal. Yet most of us run on an autopilot which stems from a mix of our childhood patterns, the way we were brought up to view the world and ourselves in it, what society tells us. The result: life lived without authenticity, joy and fulfillment. Regardless of the external success, my clients often feel empty on the inside. We are not taught how to think and behave differently, and this can be changed easily if you are open to it. 

The epiphany for me came when I understood the importance of the power of choice when creating the life you want: we have the remote control, but we don’t use it.

We make choices (big and small) all the time. Once you become aware of what drives your decision making you empower yourself to choose in alignment with where you want to go, instead of feeling unhappy about where you are right now.

My passion for personal development urged me to transition from my career in finance into coaching. I’m a part of the mentoring and coaching platform Up2You and run my own coaching practice.

Having studied at the Warsaw School of Economics and the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po), I spent the majority of my career working in London at one of the top ten largest global hedge funds. As a relationship manager I used to travel extensively, boarding more than 100 flights a year – which was an amazing opportunity to see that the challenges we face are very similar anywhere we go, and how they create a crisis of leadership and the work culture as a whole. 

It’s been my passion to empower people I work with – to show them how to reach for more in all aspects of their lives, but to do so in line with their own beliefs, own dreams and without sacrificing their health. To show them how to get that job they dream about, how to negotiate better for themselves, how to feel confident, and how to have more fun along the way.